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Friday, February 25, 2011

Halong Bay impressions

Picture andreakw

Picture David McKelvey

Picture David McKelvey
The bay in front of Sung Sot Cave

Michael Buckley's essay about the Halpng Bay: Vietnam's Bay of the Descending Dragon

Picture David McKelvey
Sung Sot Cave

Picture andreakw
Floating store

Picture andreakw
Floating village

Picture andreakw

Picture andreakw

Picture David McKelvey

Picture txfiddlechick
Kayaking through a cave tunnel

Picture txfiddlechick
On the shore of Ti Top Island

By txfiddlechick
View from the top of Ti Top Island

Picture chericbaker
Fighting cocks

Picture Rosino

Bo Nâu Cave: See picture of the entrance by TTVo, From 2 to 3 km southeast of Trong Mái Islet lies Bo Nâu Cave (Pelican Cave). This grotto covers 200 m2. Pelicans often find shelter here. Read more on halongtours.com

Dau Go Cave: This means Driftwood Cave. The ceiling of the cave is about 25m up, hundreds of stalactites are falling down like a waterfall. There are three rooms inside, at the end of the cave you find a well of clear water. Read more on halongtours.com
See picture by Tai Thanh Vo and view from Dau Go Cave by rathmax

Picture iko

Picture Xurxo Martínez

Thien Cung Cave: This means "Heavenly Palace". The way to Thiên Cung leads through thick forest. The cave ist 130m long. In the centre four pillars support the "roof of heaven”. At the last part of the cave you discover three ponds with clear water. Read more on halongtours.com

Picture Dennis Jarvis

Picture Erik A. Drabløs

Picture romancrowley

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