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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bach Ma National Park: Have a view
and enjoy the nature

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View from Bach Ma summit, picture by Cheryl and Rich

With steep mountains and dense forests this area is home to a wide variety of animals and plants. Bach Ma mountain peak lies 1450 m above sea level. Its the wettest place in Vietnam with around 9,800 mm rainfall each year, mainly between September and December. The flora of Bach Ma counts more than 2100 species - around one-fifth of the entire flora of Vietnam. The fauna counts around 1500 species. Highlights for bird-lovers among the around 330 species: Annam Partridge, Silver Pheasant, Crested Argus, Red-collared Woodpecker,Red-vented Barbet, Brown Hornbill, Blyth’s Kingfisher, Coral-billed Ground Cuckoo and Short-tailed Scimitar Babbler.

Visitors find interesting trails, often with a cement path and well signed:
The Pheasant trail (Tri Sao): It leads through tropical forest to the Pheasant waterfalls.
The Khe Su Village Garden Tour: A two-hours-guided tour to the village with around 50 houses, who live from cultivating fruits and vegetables.
The Rhododendron Trail (Do Quyen): Begins near the National Park Guesthouse. You go through sub-tropical forests. After two kilometres your arrive at the end of the Five Lakes Trail and on top of a waterfall falling down 300 metres. You can descend on 689 steps down to the bottom of the fall. But be careful: You have to climb back, because it's a dead end trail, as frommers.com notes. See picture by quangas and PhotoLinhBachMa.
The Five Lakes Trail (Thac Ngu Ho): Starts near the Bach Ma Morin Hotel. You descend and will follow a waterfall flowing down into five pools. See picture by quangas
The Summit Trail (Vong Hai Dai): You will find a pavilion with 360 degree view and see the landscape and the sea.

At Forest Protection Station 1 you may meet Truong Cam, the head of this station. "He can imitate the sounds of 70 different species, and understands their languages", noted Viet Nam News.

If you want to stay during the night, you find six guesthouses, two close to the Park entrance 3 kilometres from Cau Hai town on National Highway 1A and four near the summit: Bach Ma, Saola, Do Quyen and Kim Giao. There you find also hotels (Morin-Bach Ma, Cam Tu and Phong Lan) and a small campsite.

How to go to Bach Ma National Park? From Hue you take a tour or you go by yourself with a motorbike or a taxi to the Park headquarter, from where you get a transport to the summit.

There is a more detailed description about Bach Ma National park on the official homepage www.bachma.vnn.vn. More about the fauna and flora you can read on activetravelvietnam.com. And see sketches of the park. Tipps for birdwatching you find on birdlifeindochina.org
and orientalbirdclub.org

Do Quyen Waterfall, picture by Jani Kajala

Picture by Cheryl and Rich

See a picture of Do Quyen Waterfall by Thanh Le

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