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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Beaches and resorts around Nha Trang

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Quy Nhon

Life Wellness Resort Quy Nhon: From 111 USD. Right next to a fishing village, beautiful resort according to reviewsa on tripadvisor.com, but a bit pricey for what you get.

Picture by Un Rosarino en vietnam

Beach of Life Resort

Picture by Un rosarino en vietnam
Pool of Life Resort,

Whale Island - Hon Ong

Picture danielguip
Whale island beach

Whale Island Resort: From 57 USD. 2 Me Linh, Nha Trang. 23 traditional bamboo bungalows with fans. A vehicle picks you up in Nha Trang and takes you to the pier of Dam Mon, from where a boat takes 15 minutes. "Not quite tropical paradise, but close" - "don't go there": mixed reviews on tripadvisor.com

Bungalow of Whale Island resort

Picture by Daniel Guip
View from top of Whale Island

Doc Let Beach

Picture by Cmic Blog
This blog has a wunderful gallery.

Picture by Cmic Blog

Ki Em Art House Resort: From 140 USD. On Doc Let Beach, north of Nha Trang. Nine bungalows and an art gallery. Owned by the abstract Vietnamese-German artist Ki-em. A brick wall, an installation, stands in the middle of the garden, facing out to sea. Two bungalows are right at the sea. For dinner you get a set menu (it's not a la carte, but if guests have special prefereces, they can get extras) and you sit at a big table with all the guests. "I guess this place attracts a certain kind of people (artists, writers, etc.) that come there to relax and enjoy the quietness and peace at this place, more then luxury and nouvelle cuisine...", notes Berlinregie on tripadvisor.com

The brick wall installation

Ki Em Art House Resort

Ki Em

White Sand Doc Let Resort: From 78 USD. Around 90 minutes to drive from Nha Trang Airport, a quiet place, local seafood stalls nearby. The food in the hotel is okay, but not impressive according to the reviews on tripadvisor.com

White Sand Doc Let Resort

Paradise Resort Doc Let: From 30 USD. Picture by VinhTo. Good reviews on tripadvisor.com. Read also The Paradise Resort by owee58

Picture by Maggie
Beach at Paradise Resort

Picture by Maggie
Paradise Resort

Ninh Phuoc

Wild Beach Resort: Who loves privacy and quietness, is right on this clean beach. The resort is built in Vietnamese style with brick walls and quite new. Quite good reviews on tripadvisor.com

Wild Beach Resort

The pool

Ninh Van Bay

Six Senses Ninh Van Bay: A lot of luxury, very attentive staff, not so many choices for dining according to very good reviews on tripadvisor.com

Picture by Dennis

Picture by Andrw and Michelle

Picture by Phong

Nha Trang

Evasion Ana Mandara: "It's an urban beach", comments RMAF on tripadvisor.com. This means: The hotel is located right in the town, "with noise coming from the road and garbage floating in the sea (despite the staff's efforts to keep the beach immaculate)". But: Just around the corner you find many restaurants, shops and more attractions as well as the airport. Therefore some reviews are mixed, but many very good.

Picture by Jacko

Picture by Whole Travel

Hon Tre and Hon Tam

Vinpearl Resort & Spa: On Hon Tre Island, with amusement park, connected by cable car, speed boat and ferry to Nha Trang (included in the hotel price). Great for families with kids, according to the comments on tripadvisor.com. A lot of russian and australien guests.

Picture by 99 James Nguyen

Hon Tam Resort: On Hon Tam Island. A new resort, opened in may 2009. Not yet many, but good reviews on tripadvisor.com

Picture by smellmyknee
Hon Tam Resort

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