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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Cu Lao Cham - Cham Island

See the location on Hoi An Google Map

View from Cua Dai, picture by Duyanh Pham

Coral reefs and sandy bays: Cham island is said to be like Thailand thirty years ago. A ferry runs daily (at 7.30 am) from Hoi An public pier to the island. There is also a hidrofoil from Da Nang now. Cu Lao Cham is a group of eight islands. The largest, Hon Lao, is inhabited. It counts eight bays on the west side and cliffs ands caves on the east. Tan Hiep is the bigger village on the islands, Bai Huong a smaller one. Read a story in Saigon Times about Cham Island. See a picture of Quan Am Pagoda.

Bai Lang, picture by Duyanh Pham

The island, picture by karmapolice


Karmawaters: Thia company organizes homestays in Bai Huong,its operating from Cua Dai beach, four kilometres from Hoi An.

Viet Y Guesthouse:

Pagoda on Cu Lao Cham:

Picture by Hanoi Mark

Bai Ong, picture by Duyanh Pham

Picture by Verbeke

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