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Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Ethnic minorities around Sapa:
What makes the difference

Many ethnic minorities are living in and around Sapa: Hmong (pronounced Mong), Dao (pronounced Yao), Tay, Giay (pronounced Zai), Muong, Thai, Hoa (ethnic Chinese) and Xa Pho (a denomination of the Phu La minority group).

The Flower Hmong:
Flower Hmong have this name because of the bright colorful embroidery (called pa ndau, literally "flower cloth"). This needlework has geometric, symmetric and derived from nature motifs. "Pa ndau originated with ceremonial clothing for major life events including births, weddings, deaths, and for celebrating Tet, the New Year Festival", says wanderlustandlipstick.com.

Picture by Shawn Smith
A Flower Hmong woman sampling tobacco at the market in Bac Ha

Picture by exfordy

The Black Hmong: In SaPa Black Hmong are dressed in dark clothing dyed black with indigo. Black Hmong sub-groups have differentiated themselves by adopting different headwear; those with a large comb embedded in their long hair (but without a hat) call themselves Tao, those with a pillbox hat name themselves Giay, and those with a checked headscarf are Yao. The Black Hmong are thought to have immigrated to Northern Vietnam from China in the late 18th century and are descendants of the Miao people. See a video about Black Hmong in Sapa.

Picture by Lon&Queta
Hmong woman with plow and water buffalo; between Ta Van and Sapa

Picture by Lon&Queta

The Red Dao, also Red Zao: Easily recognized by the red colour. See a film about the Red Da in Ta Van and Ta Phin on youtube. Read: The unique ceremony of the Red Dao in Sa Pa

Picture by Von Wagner T. Cassimiro "Aranha" Tweet This

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